About the Gallery

Located eight floors above Flinders Lane, on the Swanston Street corner, the Stephen McLaughlan Gallery was established in 1994 and is a proud occupant of Melbourne’s iconic Nicholas Building. Regular exhibitions in our Main Display Area and in the South Gallery (Objects Space) showcase a committed group of contemporary artists in a welcoming and airy environment. Photographic archives provide an accessible overview of the depth and breadth of our endeavours, with both established artists and those at journey’s beginning sharing their visions across a variety of media. Do visit our Facebook page for installation overviews of recent exhibitions.

December 2020
Twenty-sixth Anniversary
The ”re-opening” Exhibitions

Take a 3D gallery tour and experience the group exhibition ”Rinse Cycle” featuring Wilma Tabacco, Jason Haufe, Stephen Wickham, Helen Smith and Kendal Heyes. A solo exhibition of sculpture by Jenny Loft is also on view in the window alcove. Gallery founder Stephen McLaughlan ”pops up” to greet you.